About us

Campnou Oy

We manufacture aluminium boats and hulls professionally and with experience

Campnou Oy was founded 2006 in Ähtäri. Currently we are a contract manufacturer of aluminium boats and relatedequippments. Our company’s expertise in aluminium processing is visible in each area of our services, from designing the product to the after-marketing support. We have special expertise related to aluminium materials and we are currently working with many large and internationally recognized customers.


The company is establishedto manage an industrial property, which is renovated for the use of a company owned by Paavo’s father. Paavo is working forthe mentioned company, which has started to operate as a subcontractor for Silver Veneet Oy a couple years earlier. After this, Paavo gets the idea of charging the customer Silver Veneet Oy directly through Campnou Oy, in which point the actual business operations begin. In the beginning Outiis managing the company’s administration in addition to her another job.


Aluminium boats begin to gain more and more market share. Campnou has manufactured aluminium hulls for Xo Boats Oy which leads toKoneKesko contactingthem. The company starts to manufacture aluminium hulls of Yamarin Cross boats for KoneKesko with great success. Turnover increases tenfold in the following 18 months. At this point still the company has only one paid employee in addition to the founders.


Production volumes are peaking: the company manufactures up to 1150 aluminium hulls a year for Yamarin Cross boats. In five years Campnou has grown to employ 10 people in addition to the founders.


Campnou continues to produce the hulls of Yamari’s Cross boats successfully, even though the ownership of the boat type has changed from Kesko to Yamaha. The company gets a big new customer, Bella Veneet Oy, for which it will start manufacture aluminium hulls ofFalcon Boats.


Nimbus Group buys the aluminum boat company Alukin and asks Campnou to manufacture hulls for them. The collaboration begins and Campnouredesigns new boat hulls to make them more cost-effective to manufacture. The company now employs 13 people already.


Campnou Oy has now developed into a significant actor in the industry. The management of their former customer Xo Boats Oy has changed,and they contactCampnou to start cooperating again. Boat hulls of the renewable collection will now also be manufactured for them. Together with the customer Nimbus Group, in addition to the Alukin boat hulls, Campnou starts designing and manufacturing otherboat equipment as well as to plan the assembly of the finished products.


The production of aluminium boats continues successfully and more than half of the company’s turnover comes now from exports. Xo Boats, Yamaha and Nimbus Group are still on board as satisfied customers.Campnou has now taken responsibility for the whole manufacturing process ofAlukin boats. The company has changed from amanufacturer of boat hulls to a contract manufacturer of complete boats ready for sale. At this point company know-how is extended to also manufacturing windshields, which is currently done for Buster boats. In the future, the plan is to develop the products further and have the glass sets sold separately as their own product group.