Campnou Oy

We have special expertise related to aluminium materials and currently we serve many large and internationally recognized customers

Campnou has been manufacturing aluminum boat hulls for 16 years. In 2021, we expanded our operations to cover also manufacturing windshields and complete boats ready for sale. Our customers include many well-known retailers, such as Yamaha, Xo Boats Oy, and Nimbus Group-owned Bella boats and Alukin boats. Our customers can rely on high-quality result of the work and our professionalism throughout the whole production process.


  • The production of Yamarin Cross boat hulls started already in 2010.
  • The production of windshields for Buster boats owned by Yamaha started in 2021.

Nimbus Group

  • Manufacturing aluminum hulls for Falcon boats (by Bella boats) since 2017.
  • In addition to hulls, currently making also fully equipped aluminium boats (Alukin boats), to which only engines are added later.

Xo Boats Oy

  • A brief collaboration in the early stages of the companywhich was brought back to life in 2019.
  • Currently cooperation covers manufacturing aluminium boat hulls